SOLD 1983 Scamp 13 Trailer - $6,000 - Prospect Hill, NC

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SOLD 1983 Scamp 13 Trailer - $6,000 - Prospect Hill, NC

We are sad to let her good but know someone out there will give her the exercise that she needs. Please buy our much loved and rarely used 1983 Scamp. We bought her 5 years ago or so and have taken a few trips but not enough to justify hanging on to her. I replaced the vent with a nice RV automatic open and close fan. Battery is in good condition. Axle was replaced by an RV shop by the previous owner. Tires are in good shape. A/C installed in front works. Interior features front dinette and rear double mattress. Folding rear table is in place but mattress would need to be modified to allow table use. 700W inverter installed. New 12v fuse box installed ready for additional modifications.There is no propane tank or stove. We use a portable butane unit. Freshwater tank is in place and hand pump works. Scamps are very lightweight and can be easily towed with smaller cars. See pictures for more details on condition and setup. Scamp features a full website with lots of replacement and upgrade parts. She is ready to be made into your dream compact camper.