SOLD - 1983 13' Burro Camper Trailer - $7900 - Portland, OR

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SOLD - 1983 13' Burro Camper Trailer - $7900 - Portland, OR


I am selling our beloved Burro. This camper is almost completely original and fully functional. This camper weighs around 1200 pounds and can be towed by a fairly small vehicle. There are two major upgrades that I have completed since I bought it. I replaced the 3 way refrigerator within that last 8 months. The new fridge runs on 120 when plugged in, propane, or 12V(not typically advised as it drains the battery very quickly). I have also upgraded the 12V system. I have set this up so that it runs off of the 12V system. I have a high quality smart charger that operates when the unit is plugged in. This system would allow for the addition of solar, or a furnace with a fan to be installed. I have kept all original items that I have replaced. Tires are less then 3 years old. Heater works great.

I am including the following:
- Storage Cover
- Original items removed. Propane Lanter, marking lights, interior light
- City water connector
- Propane sensor alarm