SOLD - 1982 Scamp 13 Trailer - $7,200 - Hamilton, MT

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SOLD - 1982 Scamp 13 Trailer - $7,200 - Hamilton, MT

1982 13’ Scamp
~1200lbs weighed on a DOT scale.
New axle with brakes from Scamp (2020)
New wheels and tires including spare (2020)
Replaced side lights with LED (2020)
New wiring, 7-pin, for lights and trailer brakes (2020)
New stabilizing jacks on back (2019)
Replaced rear lights with LED but kept original look (2018)
Added removable front jack with wheel for easier movement during storage. (2015)
Replaced cushions with new foam and custom covers. (2014)
Painted exterior with Rustoleum Marine Topside (2014)
New flooring (2014)
Replaced door hinges, roof vent, door lock, and various hardware through the years.

No refrigerator, stove, or electrical. This was all removed before I owned it as it was likely very outdated. I usually cook outside so I use a portable 2 burner stove and we have always used a chest cooler so there is no need for large propane tanks or electricity. Today’s solar and battery options could easily be added and would be much better than 1982 technology. Every repair I made was focused on making it safe to travel with, keeping it light, and more comfortable to use. There are no leaks or rotten places that I have found but I am admittedly not a professional. Real world MPG was 20-25 with my Subaru Forester.

Next repairs that were on my list? The door does not latch well and leaves a gap at the bottom. The closet provides support on the left side but I believe the support on the right was (poorly) replaced and has allowed some sag. A proper support will straighten the door and should address the alignment. The cabinet doors work fine but I was going to update some hardware, personal preference.