SOLD - 1982 Burro - $12,990 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1982 Burro - $12,990 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Adorable, lightweight fibreglass vintage camping trailer with modern updates! These are similar to Boler, Scamp and Casita campers, but have an original double-walled and insulated fibreglass shell for 4-season camping with no leaks!

Interior remodeled for bright, cozy living. Big galley kitchen, lots of storage, and comfy hangout area. Fully spec’d for plush off-grid living.

Being that it is so light, this trailer can be towed with just about anything. The trailer is 13.5 ft. long from tongue to bumper. It is 6.5 ft wide and the interior is 9.5 ft long.

Explore BC in luxury this summer! Can live fully off the grid for 10-15 days depending on your water and electrical usage.


- New quality multi-density cushions with new Sunbrella® upholstery.. Matching curtains

- Plenty of storage under beds and in cabinets

_ MAXX 2-way 2-speed fan with rain-sensing auto-closing feature

- 1400 lbs (650kg) - tow with almost anything

- Double walled, insulated construction with solid floor

- 12V battery powers fan, LED lights, water pump and CO alarm

- 2x USB ports and 12v car adapter outlet

- Battery charges when driving

- Pass-through AC circuit powers standard outlets

- 115 litre fresh water tanks

- 115 litre gray water tanks

- Built-in low-profile catalytic heater makes it super toasty

- Custom blackout curtains

- Induction stove top when connected to AC

- Generous 12 sq.ft. modern countertop

- Compact size fits in small campgrounds

- Full closet

- Propane Tank, 30A cord and all common accessories included.

- Maneuverable by 2 or 3 people

- Cheap to insure (about 105/year)

- Easy to tow

Exterior could use some cosmetic finish work, but we chose to leave it as-is so it didn’t look appealing to thieves. Patches sealed holes in the shell from the original configuration.

Hearts were poured into this trailer and it has been on some amazing adventures, but it’s time to pass it on to someone new.

How many does it sleep?

~It can sleep 2 adults and 2 children comfortably with one of the adults on the couch; alternatively, it can sleep 2 adults on the bed and one child on the couch.


What's the shiny stuff on the ceiling?

~Originally, these were designed with a fabric material running the length of the ceiling.  It was looking a bit tired and didn't quite match with the modern remodel so it's been recently replaced with a lightweight laminate to match the light maple closet and cupboard doors.

How tall is it inside?

~It is exactly 6ft 1/2inch, floor to ceiling.

Does it have a...??

~Fridge - I will include a full-size quality cooler that fits perfectly under the kitchen counter. It is also wired for both 12v and 110v so you could also use a 110v dorm fridge or 12v Koolatron P75 or similar fridge.

~Stove - The kitchen counter has a built-in 110v induction stove. I will also include a brand new gas stove for cooking off-grid.

~Sink - There is a generous-size kitchen sink, and includes some perfect-fit accessories.

~Bathroom - It's a 62.5 square foot trailer... of course, there's no bathroom!! But.. I have a sparkly brand new port-a-potti that I will include with the sale.  It, too, fits neatly in a cabinet :)

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Vancouver, BC, Canada