1982 13' Scamp, boondocking mobile office fixer-upper, loaded with features, MUST SEE!! - central Illinois

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1982 13' Scamp, boondocking mobile office fixer-upper, loaded with features, MUST SEE!! - central Illinois

I was going to fix the crack in the fiberglass body until I found out that it was caused by a crack in the frame.  Now the repairs are more than I can handle.  But if you have the means, this is quite a gem of a camper!!

This is basically a mobile office perfect for boondocking!!

A 320w solar panel powering a 205ah battery bank connected to a 500w inverter pretty much means you don’t have to worry about electrical power!!
A 20gal water tank and 48qt high end cooler would last me 5 days out in the desert, easy!!
The custom built L shaped desk gives lots of surface area to work on!
The entire camper weighs just under 2,000lbs, you don’t need a giant truck to pull it.  I pulled it all across the country with my Subaru Forester!
The new axel gives about 10in of clearance and comes with brakes, giving you lots of options in mobility!!


Let me go over the features this Scamp comes with:

320w solar panel ≈ $200 value
2x 12v 205ah deep cell lead acid batteries ≈ $600
150v 35a MPPT ≈ $300
500w inverter ≈ $150
SmartShunt (shunt/Bluetooth battery meter combo) ≈ $100

Brand new 3,000lb axel with brakes and break away box installed in March 2021 ≈ $1,000

Custom built L shaped desk

Custom made bolster cushions for bed and couch

20gal fresh water tank
Foot pump
50ft of hose

48qt Engel high end cooler ≈ $300

2x GoSun Go solar cookers ≈ $200

Custom built kitchen storage next to sink w/ cutting board cover

Closet fitted with modifiable shelves

Interior lined with highly insulating neoprene foam ≈ $3,000

Ft. Knox coupler lock ≈ $150

SPOT Trace GPS tracking ≈ $50 (requires monthly payment to use, ≈ $10/mo)


Parts of the Scamp are obviously in rough shape, like the plank of wood under the sink that doesn’t fit anymore, the pieces of insulation that don’t fit anymore, the door sagging, etc.  I believe the large majority of these issues will pop back into place once the frame is fixed.  The crack is on the rear driver side of the Scamp, causing that part of the camper to sag which twists the whole body.  Being a fiberglass camper, everything’s so interdependent that the slight change in body shape has effected how many different aspects of the camper fit into place.

It really hurts to have to give up on this Scamp.  I put a lot of effort into it.  But hopefully my loss can be your gain!!  I just hope I can pass it along to someone with an appreciation for this unique build.

Please call/text/email if you have ANY questions!!  I'm happy to chat!

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Monticello, IL