1982 13 Ft Burro Trailer - $4800 - SOLD

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1982 13 Ft Burro Trailer - $4800 - SOLD


1982 13 Ft Burro Trailer. $ 4,800.00. Highly Sought after, Extremely light approx 800 lbs Fiberglass Trailer, can be pulled by 4 Cyl Vehicle. Sleeps 4. Sink, Ice Box and Stove Cabinets Dining Area, Overhead Storage, Wardrobe ClosetNew parts to assemble are included. Very easy to install interior. Burro Trailers were originally sold as a Do It Yourself Kit. New LED Exterior Lights, New LED Interior Lights. New Stove. New Door Handle, Lightweight Fiberglass Dining Table. New Sink Parts. New Trim for Top Seam. Includes Awning, window screens and Front Shade. All ready to make it your own. We had a 1983 Burro that we loved.  My wife now wants a larger trailer.  Burro Vinyl Stickers are easily available.