SOLD - 1981 Burro fiberglass camper trailer - $4,000 - St Pete, FL

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SOLD - 1981 Burro fiberglass camper trailer - $4,000 - St Pete, FL

this is what is called a 13 foot Burro camper , all fiberglass construction CULT FOLLOWING little campers

PLEASE do your homework on what these are before you email me .
the story that i got it about a year ago from the original owner , it was sitting on the WRONG trailer , i went ahead and gutted the inside removed all the NASTY stuff living in it from sitting outside , the only thing that was salvageable was the original gas stove and sink .

now it is on the same wrong trailer but it has been cleaned in and out so easy to see what you will need to proceed to restore this little guy .
i do have a Florida TITLE for the BURRO but not for the trailer .
trailer has good tires so it can be moved .

Burro is ready to have the floor fixed and set on a new trailer , i did buy an ALL aluminum trailer that i was going to use to set it on but i never did , can be sold for 500.00 or you can get your own proper fitting trailer .
reason im selling is that im over 50yo and have way to many projects !