SOLD - 1979 Project 16' Scamp Trailer - $4,500 - Seattle, WA

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SOLD - 1979 Project 16' Scamp Trailer - $4,500 - Seattle, WA

I have a 1979 Scamp trailer for sale that is in need of significant, although almost exclusively aesthetic, repairs (seepictures). The Scamp has a clean title and a new front hitch, and I had the metal framing re-inforced by a professional mechanical welder. I also fully replaced the sub-floor using 3/4" treated plywood that I re-coated with four coats of marine grade polyurethane and fiber glassed it into the sides.

I then started on the aesthetic repairs, and I realized I'm... too busy for this project. My loss is your gain! Apart from just the trailer, this comes with a new (never used) stove, fresh cabinet doors, and the majority of tools you would need for the project - including additional flooring, silicone, jacks... seriously, basically everything. Brakes and electrical work but are mostly original and could use a refresh.

The Scamp was stripped of its water tank and appliances long ago, but it does included a nice sink and and new birch ply cabinet covers. I can walk you through what it needs - hanging cabinets, re-doing central flooring, repair of main closet, and painting, as well as (not necessary but I would) replacing the skylight (it's ok, but it's old and sometimes comes open). It also needs one door joint re-hung, although I will do that tomorrow.

Keep in mind - this is a PROJECT. You will need to want to paint and fiberglass and will need a dry place to work (garage or storage space). I'm posting as-is for now, and will finish up some repairs next week and post for a higher price - so get it while it's still a project!

And yes, I know what I have and that it could be worth more - but I'd rather you made it nice!