SOLD - 1979 13' Burro Camper - $5000 - Colorado - Utah

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SOLD - 1979 13' Burro Camper - $5000 - Colorado - Utah

Price Reduced

II am parting ways with my 1979 Burro Camper

key facts:

the photos show that replaced the subfloor this year due to rotting and painted the subfloor with a truck bed liner to help seal it 

the pictures you see are from before I left for my road trip and before the interior paint failed 

I scrubbed and sanded and applied a waterborne primer called Stix, but unfortunately when I painted the weather was extremely humid and rainy so the paint never fully adhered

I peeled the majority of the paint off back to the primer, but there is 1-2 hours of sanding left depending on your process 

stationary the camper had no leaks but driving rain proved otherwise so I siliconed all but one the windows shut, perhaps a better handyman can fix the issue 

the trailer frame has a crack in it which was welded shut, plus the mechanic bolted a steel plate overlapping the joint - I have had no issues traveling the country 

fully loaded with all my tools and belongings the camper weighed almost exactly 1500 pounds