SOLD - 1979 13' Boler Camper / Mobile Office - $9950 - Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1979 13' Boler Camper / Mobile Office - $9950 - Chilliwack, BC, Canada


ATeam Boler Camper / Mobile Office / Glamper

"I pity the fool!" that doesn't just love this trailer!

Hi folks this is a one of a kind, truly unique Retro boler, that can enable you to go fully mobile - IN STYLE!

If you are an 80's kid, or ever watched the A-Team, you will love this trailer (and get my opening statement!) Yes, Mr. T himself would be proud of this beauty.

This boler has all you need to camp short or long term. It's a beautiful weekend glamper. Drive with something connected to your auto which you can be proud of!

Here are the specifics:

1) Brand new paint job 
This 1979 boler was stripped, fiberglass fixed, and received a brand new paint job in March of this year.

2) Brand new windows. I replaced the side windows with updated glass windows larger than the originals to give this trailer a modern look

3) Replaced the standard 14 inch tires with brand new 15 inch chrome wheels and brand new tires - including a spare!

4) Added a Fantastic Fan with speed control and a rain guard

5) repainted inside grey, black, and red to match the theme

6) has an A-Team doorbell, that when pressed plays the Ateam theme!

7) upgraded the outside doorlock for superior security - and easy locking! This lock is awesome because when you are inside, its impossible for someone to lock you in. And much stronger than the regular boler lock.

8) solid strong frame, strong joints, no rust underneath
9) nice wooden floor

10) beautifully upholstered cushions

11) 2 LED ceiling lights in interior

12) 3x 3 halogen lights installed over sink and seating areas, powered when connected to shore power. This adds really nice ambience when camping

13) 2000 watt eliminator inverter. Charge batteries when plugged into shore power

13) Shady Boy Awning! This is perhaps one of the greatest addons as it greatly enhances your campsite giving you a nice shade / rain cover

14) propane tank, gas stove

15) automatic sensor lights that turn on when you open the cupboards

16) wine glass rack that holds 4 stainless steel wine glasses attached to seating area overhang (wine glasses not included! I am keeping these they are awesome, but u can get them off of amazon)

17) Ikea Metal Magnetic Strip by sink to hang utensils, knives etc

18) Ikea bar over sink / stove area to hang frying pans, cups etc,

19) Has a porta potty - which I never used, and put into storage. However, if you are doing a cross country trip and are a woman, it may come in handy! Guys are a bit luckier in this department, because we can easily use a bush if we have to while on the road. Nonetheless, if you really need to, this boler has a porta potty for those emergencies!

20) Lots of storage compartments! This boler has two overhead cupboards - one the rear with three drawers, and one cupboard over the stove / sink area with another three drawers. It also has a shelf in the front of the trailer which I have ikea baskets to hold easy to grab necessities. Also comes two taller drawers with lots of storage area under the sink / stove area. And a closet WITH shelves

21) USB electric outlet installed on one side so you can plug your devices in as well as have two 120v outlets for your regular devices

22) two more 120V electrical outlets installed - one on the front counter, and one near the seating area

23) chrome bag holder installed on closet wall

24) basket installed on closet wall for extra storage

25) extra hooks installed on closet by door for all your needed utilities 

26) electric fridge / freezer that works!

27) sink works - has a hand pump that is connected to a hidden hose which conneted to a plastic water tank under the seat

28) propane gas stove

29) Blackout blinds for side windows
30) roll down blackout blinds for front and back from
31) Carbon monoxide tester

1) two car jacks for stability when camping
2) Custom cut full floor cushion that exactly fits the floor so you can sleep up to 6 people! (not recommended - but possible!)
3) colored led light strip along floor (this is in addition to the installed LED ceilng lights)
4) fire extinguisher installed under sink
5) Extra box Cooler included which u can use instead of the fridge if you wish
Plus others I prolly forgot to mention