SOLD - 1979 13' Acorn Trailer - Janesville, WI - Ebay Auction

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SOLD - 1979 13' Acorn Trailer - Janesville, WI - Ebay Auction

Please carefully view photos.And read this WHOLE explanation and description. I bought this , as Ive always wanted one. However the list of things that need attention is fairly good size. And honestly even thou I am crazy handy. I thought I would see if one of the many Scamp collectors. Would like this unit.

As you know the ACORN was only labelled Acorn for the end on 78-79. Then the name returned to Scamp. I don't believe there is much difference than the name. Most of the original stuff is there. Sadly the guy I bought if from felt the need to disconnect the electric, water and propane lines. He was going to repair stuff. But did not. So that being said , here is what I was told needs work, pump water handle doesn't work, needs heater, needs electrical rewired. 3 of the 5/6 windows leak a little bit. I would reseal them all. which honestly is NOT a huge job on a camper this small. Nothing is a huge job, its just 13' long. there is a 4 " crack in the fiberglass near the front . Was told AC works, but I would put in a different AC unit, But that's me. has ice box NOT refrigerator. Has all (NEW tires and spare.) cushions are good and zippers were replaced. One half moon type cushion for bunk as needs work. Bunk metal poles are there , I didnt see the wood parts that attach to the pole thou. Cabinet over dining area is gone. Which is common Ive heard. Not sure if there should be one over bunk or not. But there is NOT. carpet was replaced but has stains.LOL need a really good cleaning to the shell and inside cabinets.The previous owner took it some place and had it lifted a few inches. SO maybe that what the door does not close tight. see photos. door is solid but needs a bunch n work on seals and lines. door frame area has crack in fiberglass .. see photo. I does pull down the road just fine. weigh is around #1200 so you could pull it with a mini copper if you wanted. If you pull with a truck you need a drop DOWN hitch. NO THERE is NOT a bathroom. There is a bonus custom made screen room with sides that attaches to the camper. Has battery and the propane tank SEE photo. Key to door and hitch I have.Frame looks very solid the ONE axle looks good as well.

NO I WILL NOT DELIVER it. Im trying to be as upfront about this as I can. I haven't had it very long. If no one buys it then I will redo it. But as the ACORN is rare. I read only a few hundred were made under the acorn name. like I said maybe a collector or someone like that might want it. If you have any questions please get a hold of me. Thanks for reading my post.


Trailer Location: 

Janesville, Wisconsin


SOLD FOR $4200