SOLD - 1978 13' Trillium 1300 trailer - $4800 - Santa Cruz, CA

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SOLD - 1978 13' Trillium 1300 trailer - $4800 - Santa Cruz, CA

Similar to a Casita, scamp, boles, burro, etc. Fiberglass construction is strong, lightweight, and leak resistant. 13 feet long and around 1300 pounds, it can be towed with a 4 cylinder car. I towed it with my 4 cylinder toyota tacoma. I bought it from a 96 year old man who towed it with a 90's corolla.

Lots of jalousie windows for light and airflow. Vent up top. Propane stove and heater. Water tank and sink, but not hooked up. I prefer jugs of crystal geyser.

This one has the frame reinforced and beefed up. The weak frame point was a common issue in these.

Has permanent trailer registration tag, which means you pay once to transfer into your name and that's it. Cool blue CA license plate.

I can include a mini cast iron wood stove that I wanted to install, but I chickened out of cutting a hole in the ceiling. It came out of a small boat cabin and I've never seen another one like it.

I'm also selling the tacoma that I towed this with. $9000 with the Toyota Tacoma 4x4. The truck needs trailer wiring (4 pin).

This could be camped in as is, but it is also a project. Window frames are ready to be redone, elephant skin interior needs the spaces between the seams sealed, etc. Would be great for burning man or as an extra guest room. Selling as is for $4800 obo. Located in bonny doon, I can deliver around Santa Cruz area. First with cash and reasonable offer tows it away.