SOLD - 1978 13' Boler Travel Trailer Vintage Camper - $9,500 - Erie, CO

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SOLD - 1978 13' Boler Travel Trailer Vintage Camper - $9,500 - Erie, CO

For sale is our beloved 1978 Boler fiberglass travel trailer. The predecessor to the Scamp, Bolers were manufactured in Canada in the 1970s and early 1980s before selling off their fiberglass mold to Scamp, still manufactured today. This rig is a great lightweight setup, ideal for weekend getaways and cozy shoulder-season camping, however, we just don't get out as much as we once did, and currently lack convenient storage options.

We purchased this travel trailer in Quebec in 2014. Weighing only 1,000 lbs. dry (without gear), we have towed this Boler from Maine to Colorado with our 4-cylinder Subaru Outback and camped dozens of places in between. Since our ownership, we have made significant upgrades to the electric and heating systems, prioritizing off-grid boondocking with winter capabilities. This includes the addition of a custom-inserted mini woodstove and a solar panel for running the 12V electrical system, though please note there is no running water (though there is a hose hook-up, which could be set up with a portable pressurized system). There is also a 120V shore-power hookup for the single 120V outlet and for running the fridge (which can also be run on propane). All systems are in good working order, including the two-burner stove, 3-way fridge (120V/12V/propane), propane heater, woodstove, interior lighting, and trailer taillights. At more than 40 years old, her age does peek through here and there, but significant effort has been made to modernize, refit, and refresh this charm of a camper!

Complete list of projects include:
-Installed woodstove (with carbon monoxide detector) and heatshield
-Installed solar panel and 12V charging system, including a new 12V deep-cycle marine battery
-Installed oversized 7" LED school bus taillights
-Put in new hull-liner on walls & ceiling
-Painted interior fiberglass and exterior shell
-Installed floating cork flooring
-Custom sewed insulated curtains
-Installed custom-built shelf and coat hooks
-Updated light fixtures, removing old 120V lighting
-Welded on new oversized tow chains
-Greased wheel bearings
-Replaced sink drain hose
-Replaced wood paneling in kitchen & dining nook
-Installed heavy snow-load roof reinforcement
-Built custom drawer
-Built custom folding kitchen side table
-Replaced old window screen
-Replaced old pop-rivets with stainless steel hardware
-Replaced bunk bed posts
-Re-machined door lock mechanism

Other additions include a custom-made awning, which is quite nice when looking for some extra shade, or get out of the rain.

Asking $9,500.