SOLD - 1978 13' Boler - $8,500 - Lantzville, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1978 13' Boler - $8,500 - Lantzville, BC, Canada

Our family has outgrown our Boler and so we are selling it to upgrade to something bigger.

This is a 13' 1978 Boler. This is the version built by Neonex and is full fibreglass all around, including the underside. It was a gutted shell with only the frame, shell, doors and windows left attached to it when we bought it (see last few pics). We wanted something that was simply a comfy place to sleep (eg. no other "stuff" in it.) So I restored it and custom built two floating bunks at either end and a platform bed across the main area. We are a family of 4 (6'5" dad, 5'9" mom, 8 year old and 5 year old. And we fit in this snugly but comfortably until now. So this is really either for a young family of 4 or less, or someone who wants a good start towards a full custom restoration. Here is what I did to it from when we bought it gutted:

- Sanded / grinded all surface rust off the frame. Sealed the frame in a rubberized asphalt durable undercoating and painted the visible parts of the frame with black automotive paint.
- Replaced very old black rims with new white trailer rims. New tires all around. Kept one of the old rims and tires for a spare.
- Added a new built in tongue jack.
- Did a full bearing clean and repack.
- Complete new wiring for brake lights and marker lights.
- Replaced brake lights with new LED versions.
- Added 4 orange marker lights on each corner.
- Removed, disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled both jalousie windows and the two crank windows (door and back side). All windows are original.
- Replaced the front and back main windows with new plexiglass and new rubber seal gaskets.
- Took the shell off the frame, removed everything that wasnt fibreglass and repaired / filled all holes from dents, dings, previous hardware like heaters, pipes, etc. to get it back to a solid waterproof shell.
- Painted with a super durable three part automotive paint.
- Replaced the top crank up vent with a new one.
- Reinstalled all hardware / windows, etc. with all new seals, gaskets and butyl tape/caulking.
- Painted the inside white with a high durability latex paint.
- Custom built two wooden "ribs" to support the shell since all the original cabinets, etc. that gave structural support had been tossed.
- Custom built two bunks and main sleeping platform as per the pictures.
- Added a magnet close bug screen door (somewhat temporary, could use a better way of attaching it to the wall).
- Added a fire extinguisher and CO alarm.
- Added custom fit 4" memory foam for the main sleeping platforms and 2" eggshell foam for the bunks.
- Added 4 hand crank jack stands. It's very solid and stable when setup.

The interior is fully functional but could use some more finishing depending on the desired end state / customization. Unfortunately, one of the jalousie window parts broke recently so the window on the door side is currently screwed closed, however the parts are all there if someone could fix it.