SOLD - 1977 13' Scamp Trailer - $7999 - Bemidji, MN

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SOLD - 1977 13' Scamp Trailer - $7999 - Bemidji, MN

This is your ultimate off-grid getaway (or little backyard office away from the kids). The frame has no rust and the fiberglass shell is in excellent condition. Nearly everything in the interior is new, including the cushions and upholstery, propane heater, propane stove, ceiling fan, closet, sink cabinet, sink, floor, insulation, and interior carpet (walls etc.). It also has a nice screen door, new 8 foot awning, and new tires. I removed the windows (which are in excellent condition) and reinstalled them so they are completely water tight. All upgrades were ordered straight from the Scamp headquarters in Backus.

You'll love how simple this setup is. We tow it with a Toyota rav4 with no problem. I pick it up by the tongue and roll it out into the yard or back into the garage by hand (I have always stored it indoors). My wife (who has little experience towing trailers) is completely comfortable hauling the Scamp around and taking it on trips with her girlfriends. The setup and take-down is a cinch. The front bunk beds convert to a couch if desired, but we leave them semi-permanently assembled so sleeping bags can be laid out and ready before we leave the driveway.

The fan on the ceiling and the fan in the propane heater are both powered by a 12 volt source - either a 12 volt battery, or a solar generator. The propane heater is awesome. It only takes a few minutes to warm up even in extreme conditions. The water container can be removed for ease of filling and for below freezing situations. It's also nice to be able to bring the water container into the car to lighten the trailer weight when driving. There is a hidden potty (it's actually a little sink that drains out beneath the floor) below the bottom bunk that makes "emergency" situations less stressful for kids. This thing has saved the day on multiple occasions.

This Scamp has served our family well and we've grown quite attached to it. We had planned to keep it for a really long time but recently found out some good news that is going to change things for our family. Thank you for your interest and let me know if you have questions. Call. Thanks!