1976 Scamp 13ft camper - $7000 - Palmdale, CA

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1976 Scamp 13ft camper - $7000 - Palmdale, CA

Selling my 1976 Scamp 13 foot camper. If you are reading this then the scamp has not yet sold and is available, please read entire listing before making contact.

Camper needs work, i have replaced the bad original axle with a new leaf spring axle. Installed a new flat 4 pin trailer lights connection and gone through the wiring harness throughout the camper, all exterior lights are working. I installed a safety chain mount and installed new bearings seals and races in the wheel hubs. Trailer comes with an outdoor cover. I have tested the original stove top and heater which are working, it has the original ice box which is NOT a refrigerator. Also has the original water tank and manual faucet pump and sink. In the interior i have yet to change anything. A previous owner re-modeled the bunk bed area into a small dinette and it does not have the original cushions or any cushions for the main bed area. Hitch coupler is 1" 7/8 size ball, has no brakes of its own, California title is clean, I will include a Tire Iron for removing the wheel nuts and a scissor jack so you can change a flat, but it does not have a spare.

If you plan to travel from a long distance away to come see this camper, here is my full disclosure so that you have an idea of what this scamp may still need work on which is based upon my discoveries from going through it and cleaning it.

The previous owner told me she replaced the rear window, it has some kind of tape on or stick on paper which i was afraid to scrape off because i did not want to scratch the plastic. The front window was not replaced and is pretty old with some small cracks in the plastic at the bottom edge where the black lockstrip holds the window in. The outside paint is also old, you can wipe it with your finger and your finger turns white if you press hard enough. The previous owner replaced the door, which is why its the only area with good paint but she re used the old door hinge, so it creaks and does not make a good seal. i recommend ordering a hinge rebuild kit from the scamp website for $12. The subfloor seems original, it feels sturdy when stepping about inside the camper but an area at the very edge or corner of the camper floor does not look straight or is warped under the bed bench seat. And finally the door handle key was lost so the previous owner put another lock below the handle but it is a poor solution if at all. Anyways these are the areas that i personally determined needed my attention, but thats just me. As you can see this is an old camper and even better than attention would be a complete makeover, so expectations should now be set accordingly.

email me if interested, i do not call or text anyone until we have already arranged a day and time to meet. I am not interested in low ball offers. I am only available for a few weeks at a time because of out of state travel so this camper will be de-listed and re-listed whenever i am in town.

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