SOLD - 1976 Boler Scamp 13' PROJECT - $2500 - Salem, OR

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SOLD - 1976 Boler Scamp 13' PROJECT - $2500 - Salem, OR

** SOLD **


Selling our 1976 Boler Scamp 13' project. Clean title.

It has been fully gutted and the elephant skin removed. It is currently what I would call a "rolling shell."

This is perfect for the buyer that is looking to do a full rebuild, but doesn't want to pay for a finished Boler or Scamp only to tear it down and start over. 

The fiberglass envelope is sound, as far as I can tell. Some of the factory holes have been fiberglassed over.

It has the original front & rear windows, but they need to be reinstalled because the gasket I used is obviously too small (the windows can flex in and out too much).

I have some temporary jalousie windows installed on the sides, but they are not original and are not the correct size. The small window on the door and the "kitchen" window are original and work.

We have most of the original interior fiberglass parts, and all of the original cushions (the cushions are in shockingly good condition).

We are located outside of Salem, OR. Delivery might be able to be negotiated.

This was going to be our getaway for weekends in the summer, but we are in way over our head and do not have the time or money to complete it. Please don't insult us with lowball offers; this was $3500 BEFORE all the gutting labor. We are willing to accept REASONABLE offers given its mid-project condition.

Thanks for looking!

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Salem, OR