SOLD - 1975 Trillium 1300 - $15,000 - East Hampton, CT

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SOLD - 1975 Trillium 1300 - $15,000 - East Hampton, CT

I purchased this camper in 2019 in its original form to update it. I installed a new 200 watt solar AC/DC system, lighting, plumbing system with a 12 volt water pump, propane on demand water heater, hand shower, flushing toilet and a 40 gallon black water tank.  It is also equipped with shore hookups and automatic voltage switch.

I removed the front bunk beds to make room for the bathroom/shower area and relocated the sink and stove to the front of the camper.

All of the original windows have been removed and re-sealed. The frame has been reinforced and is solid. It was owned in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. The wheel bearings, wheels and tires are new.  

It has many one of a kind features including a door from the bathroom of a commercial airplane, designer various reclaimed items.  It's pretty much a functional art piece. As with all functional art it has a little bit of jankiness but it's unique and worth getting to know it.

There is no refrigerator or roof top air conditioner. There are units available that can be purchased and installed by the next owner. 

I spent most of 2020 and part of 2021 in this camper traveling the country visiting friends.  It's easy to find places to park with this size camper. The ability to be out of people's space makes visiting someone is easy and pleasant and travel costs are greatly reduced. The light weight doesn't effect gas mileage too much. I pull it with a 4 cylinder Ram Promaster city van and average 20 mpg (down from 28)

I am currently still bouncing around the country a little bit and I can deliver this camper anywhere in the continental US. 

I put a lot of money, time and love into this camper. It has really great vibes!
My asking price is based on fair market value. I will consider offers but I'm not interested in trades or lowball offers.

I am including many extras that will come in handy including:

Portable grey water tank
Portable 40 gallon fresh water tank
Tarp and poles for awning
Little Buddy propane radiant heater
Trailer string lights

Endless product support 


Email and/or Phone: 


Trailer Location: 

East Hampton, CT


15,000 USD