SOLD - 1975 Scamp 13' rebuilt & modernized retro - $12,000 - Olympia, Lacey, WA

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SOLD - 1975 Scamp 13' rebuilt & modernized retro - $12,000 - Olympia, Lacey, WA

Lazarus….1975 resurrected 13’ Scamp

Five full months of planning, removing, substituting, repairing, replacing, remaking my dead (or nearly dead) 13’ Scamp. I removed the back seats and the kitchen cabinets, the floors and cabinet doors. I had the very old and worn out axle replaced with a new 4” drop, new bearings, new leaf springs, new hubs, and new 5 log wheels. Then I cut floor patterns and made new plywood flooring and fiberglassed (resin and fabric) both sides of the flooring. After installing the back raised floor and the floor under the kitchen cabinet, I fiberglassed it to the walls to complete the “eggness” of the Scamp. After installing the fiberglass floor to the main, dropped floor, I covered all the exposed flooring with linoleum and eventually with carpet (not attached).

The exterior of the trailer was totally restored and I filled 114 holes of different sizes. I fiberglassed and sanded and then eventually repainted it all. The ugly old broken and rusty top vent was replaced with a new Majestic fan. The rear cabinets were reinstalled on fiberglassed blocks and not screwed to the floor. If at all possible I tried to not put any screws, bolts, or rivets through any ceiling, wall, or floor.

I rebuilt the kitchen cabinet to include a sliding cutting board. This one item has made a huge difference when using the trailer. It is used for most anything…food prep, eating on when bed is made up, computer table, etc. The fridge had died and so I removed it and mounted a full suspension 100# rated sliding cabinet floor to be the home for my new chest all electric compressor AC/DC Bouge 23 Qt fridge/freezer. What a game-changer! The kitchen cab also has a stainless steel sink and commercial faucet…”H” for host, “C” for coach (with new water pump). After the kitchen cab was installed, I put in a new Suburban 2 burner propane stove. All cab doors were replaced with doors that has fishing lures or bobber handles. The closet was modified and repurposed with shelving.

As with most of the other utilities, all 12v house wiring and lights were missing. So I wired and installed all new LED lighting everywhere with 5 dedicated usb plugs, two 12v outlets, and 2 outside strong “scare” lights. A new Bateria 100 amp, 12 volt lithium battery and solar controler was installed with digital readouts as well as another voltage display. I mounted the lithium battery under the rear left seat as well as a new 12v fuse box under the front left gaucho compartment. Then I built an o/h shelf over the table with extensions back to the closet and kitchen o/h cabinet. This large shelf is designed for and carries a removable 100 watt solar panel to be placed outside (brackets are also included if you wish to have the panel permanently mounted to the roof).

There is more and I have a entire rebuild book that goes with the sale of Lazerus (name is on small sign attached to rear bumper and be can removed).