EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 Boler Camper 13ft - $5,500 -Olympia, WA

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 Boler Camper 13ft - $5,500 -Olympia, WA

Open to offers!

I’m looking to re-home my beloved 13 ft 1975 Boler camper. For those not familiar the Boler is the Canadian sister of the Scamp. She’s been a good egg but I’ve got other plans for myself moving forward. She really is just the cutest and has brought me so much joy.

She’s a little bit of a project (see details below), and I just don’t have the capacity to do all that she deserves! If you like projects and have access to a welder then maybeeeee this is the camper for you :)

I got an inspection about two years ago which I can share with you upon request.

Some truths:
• Clean title, no known accidents. Pretty sure I am only the third owner and I’ve had it since 2017.
• The exterior is solid - I re-caulked the outside seals two summers ago and have never had any leaks.
• Tows straight and I have never had any problems getting her where I need to go.
• Axle is good!
• Tires are good!
• All exterior lights work!
• Propane hookup is good. Stove works and heater works (tbh I have not used the heater much but it definitely fires up!)
• Cushions are old but are still comfy and in good shape.
• Dining area turns into a double bed.
• Roof vent opens and closes but there is no fan.
• Insulation seams are all sealed - could use a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up.

Some hard truths:
• The trailer frame (underneath) is in need of some love. The inspection I got indicated it needs and new frame and I’ve tried to price it accordingly. I got a quote for a new frame which I can share upon request. For full transparency I’ve included pictures of the rust damage, which is at the rear of the trailer.
• The windows are old and not all of the mechanisms work. Given that, they still open and shut with a little help and I’ve never had them leak!
• There is electrical throughout that I did not install. I disconnected the battery because I didn’t feel like I needed it, and that will have to be put back together.
• Because the battery is disconnected the pump for the sink doesn’t work but the water tank is there and the previous owner said it all works. The sink drains great and you can connect a hose to the outside for greywater.
• The kitchen countertop is sagging but it’s all still held together just fine.