EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 Boler 13' - $14,000 - Vancouver, BC Canada

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 Boler 13' - $14,000 - Vancouver, BC Canada

"Beulah" the Boler is for sale. When I purchased her three years ago I had planned on keeping her forever, so I started on a quality renovation project to ensure safety and comfort for years to come. My family and I camped in her happily for a season and a half and she was great.

I got a bunch of the big, expensive, boring stuff done and was about to move on to the fun pretty stuff and then another beautiful little trailer fell into my lap, "Sadie" the Surfside, and we were just more compatible. So poor little Beulah has been ignored for the last year and a half. It's time to re-home her so she can get the love and attention she so deserves.

• New frame (around 2008)
• New axle, flipped for better clearance (around 2008)
• New foam & upholstery (navy blue) (around 2008)
• Exterior outlet added (around 2008)
• Trailer brakes added (2019)
• New bearings (2019)
• New LED trailer brake lights (2019)
• New safety chains & breakaway cable (2019)
• Fully re-wired for 110 and 12V and now is 30 AMP (2019)
• New Progressive Dynamics PD 9130 30Amp Power Converter (2019) (https://www.progressivedyn.com/rv/power-converters/pd9100-series-rv-powe...)
• New 12V light fixtures (2019)
• New tires x 3 (2019)
• New 14" roof vent (2019)
• New lit license plate holder (2019)

• Classic Accessories off-season cover
• Porta-potty
• 110V bar fridge
• 2-burner electric stovetop (propane removed from interior by a previous owner)
• All jalousie window seals needed to make the windows tight again, purchased from Finished Bizness in Calgary
• A rear bumper spare tire holder from Princess Auto
• Full-size spare tire
• 20 lb. propane bottle
• Ian Giles' door hinge kit from Camping Treasures
• Original awning rail (no awning)
• Wire shelving unit for inside closet
• Set of replacement silver/chrome cupboard door pulls
• Tube of JB Plastic Weld for filling the screw holes in the fibreglass furniture
• Cute custom curtains from original owner
• Blackout curtain panels to make new curtains with
• New curtain rods and blocks to attach new curtain rods with
• Sweet matching decorative exterior light strings so you can glow when everyone walks by your campsite and says "Ooh! That's so cute!"

As much as she's got going for her, Miss Beulah still needs a bit of lovin'. She's safe as can be and totally road-worthy but she's not holding her head up high quite yet and has a bit more work to do. So with that in mind, she would really love to go to a home where they would finish the job so she can re-live her former glory.

• Side windows need to be pulled and re-sealed (So many YouTube videos explaining how to do this, not hard just daunting. Low-cost project since I have all the seals already, just your labour.)
• Front and back Plexiglas windows and seals need to be replaced (seals have just been re-caulked so are probably good for another season or two but this does need to be done, probably about $250/window including labour and materials)
• Needs an exterior paint job with some fibreglass fixes and some rivets replaced (If you replaced the windows and the leaky rivets now, the paint job can wait until you want to take it on. Hand rivet gun is about $20, rivets are about $10, so then it's just your time.)

• Needs an interior paint job as the paint that she came to me with hasn't held and is cracking and flaking in places
• Needs a general facelift inside - paint cupboard doors, new door handles, fill some holes in the fibreglass "furniture", put in some new moulding along the floor

You need to be willing to put some elbow grease into finishing this project if you want bragging rights, but if you don't care what she looks like, she's ready to camp in now with a few minor fixes and is absolutely road-worthy. And you can work on the rest of it as you have time.

In current condition, asking $14,000 CDN. This is well-below what I actually have into her so the price is pretty firm. Located in Vancouver.