SOLD - 1975 15' Triple E Surfside Trailer - Boise, ID - on Ebay ends July 12

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SOLD - 1975 15' Triple E Surfside Trailer - Boise, ID - on Ebay ends July 12

SOLD FOR $8500

1975 Triple E Surfside Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Completely Refurbished!! 

Keep Scrolling Down for Tons of Pictures!!


We are a husband/wife team of hobby Toyota motorhome refurbishers -  a mechanic, and a detailer - but we took a little detour here to refurbish this cute Surfside fiberglass trailer.  Every square inch of this trailer has been gone over; cleaned, improved, repaired, or replaced; to the best of our ability and within reason. We’ve put hundreds of hours into this little beauty. If you have a yearning for one of these vintage trailers, but lack the time, money, or skills to refurbish it yourself, this Surfside is for you; completely turnkey - just bring food, clothes, and a yen for adventure. Oh, and something to tow it with.  ;)  Check your vehicle's towing capacity. This is a 1975, 15' long all fiberglass travel trailer made by Triple E in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. These fiberglass trailers are really popular as they're lightweight, and since there is no wooden structure in them, there is nothing to rot with age. This one is the desired front kitchen floor plan that leaves the rear for a large horseshoe shaped dinette with lots of windows, which then makes up into a full sized bed. We designed it to make the whole dinette into a bed, or leave the bed made up and still have a dinette for two with two positions for the table posts. Also, the front kitchen has the fridge up at eye level, which makes it really nice since you don't have to access it down along the floor. 

We bought this one a year ago from a guy who started the project by doing a frame off restoration. The frame was removed from the coach, and painted. He replaced the windows with sliders and screens, new bumper, taillights, side clearance lights; he did brake work and put on new tires, and wheels. We bought it and kept going. Resealed all the windows, installed a new interior, including new cabinet faces, new cushions, new LED light fixtures, new 2 burner Suburban propane cooktop, painted the interior, added a Hydroflame furnace and thermostat,  a converter panel, fresh water tank, water pump, new bamboo Allure flooring, a new table with two post pockets, for two table positions, and added a Porta-Potty to the closet with its own door. We're also including a 50 watt portable solar panel to help charge your battery to run your 12 volt systems such as the lights, furnace fan, Fantastic roof fan, water pump, and we installed a 12 volt outlet to charge your electronic devices.  We also installed the 12 volt Fantastic Fan in the roof with two new wooden roof braces for stability. These move a lot of air. And last but not least, the exterior was painted with beautiful acrylic enamel automotive paint and new graphics. It has a new lease on life and ready to go have some fun. 

The Details:


The body of the trailer consists of fully molded upper and lower fiberglass shells seamed around the middle to form a strong, virtually leakproof unit. Fiberglass is in great shape.

New acrylic enamel automotive paint in two tone colors of white and aqua with black trim and graphics. 

Received a frame off restoration. Trailer was removed from the frame and the frame was repainted. 

Torsion bar suspension, welded steel frame.

Electric brakes. 

Recent trailer tires. Less than 100 miles.

New wheels. 

New screw cover trim.

New striping.

New porch light.

12 volt Fantastic Fan roof vent.

Ceiling vent above kitchen with screen. 

New windows with new seals; all but front window have screens and are slider windows that open. 

Front jalousie window is original but was resealed and in great condition; no screen. 

New spare tire, wheel, and new tire cover.

Awning rail. 

Front window awning rail. We have the front window awning/cover; not installed but goes with the sale if you want it. 

New rear bumper and secondary bumper behind spare tire.

New LED taillights and side marker lights. 

New grey water hose w/5 gallon portable grey water tank.

Hook-up for city water with new hose.

Hook-up for hose to fresh water tank.

Exterior power plug.

Exterior storage compartment.

Two 5 gallon propane tanks with new dual regulators and hoses.

Recent 12 volt battery. 

New hitch lock. 

Included in sale! 50 watt portable solar panel! Will supplement the power for all your 12 volt needs on a sunny day, except the fridge. 

Easy access plugs have been installed to hook up the solar panel to the battery. 

Approximately 1800 lbs, 275 lb. tongue weight. We're going to weigh it on Monday and revise this if need be. 

15" 2" overall length including hitch and back bumper, 6' 8" overall width. 

7' 6" overall height, 6' 1" interior headroom. 

7 gallon fresh water tank.

New 5 gallon portable grey water tank, with hose. 


Fiberglass cabinets. 

All wood cabinet faces new.

New pulls on all the cabinets.

Fiberglass countertop.

New mock mosaic tile backsplash.

Single stainless steel sink with cutting board and new faucet. One handle operates the water from the fresh water tank, the other from city water. 

Flojet water pump.

Hydroflame 16,000 BTU propane furnace w/thermostat will keep you warm.

Dometic model 2201 3 way fridge/freezer: propane, 12 volt, and 110. Works great on all three. Has some light staining on interior floor. I put shelf liner on it. 

New Suburban propane 2 burner cooktop.

Three new LED 12 volt light fixtures, and one new 110 light fixture. 

Replaced curtains. 

Interior Ensolite painted. 

Magnetek converter panel with cooling fan.

New cushions with modern upholstery.

New Allure bamboo vinyl snap together wood flooring.

New table with two new floor pockets for table position options. 

4 cup coffee maker.

Lots of storage. A lighted clothes closet with a full length mirror on the inside of the door, cupboards, a wood rack on the upper rear, and storage under the dinette cushion built in fiberglass benches. 

In the closet is a new Dometic porta-potty with its own door to pull out without opening the whole closet door. 

All bedding, towels, kitchen stuff are included. 

Coat rack.

One 12 volt plug, and three 110 outlets.

New fire extinguisher. 

No smokers; No pets.

Appliances have been thoroughly tested and work well! We have manuals for all of them, compiled in a nice binder.

Included is an owner’s manual for the Surfside.       

Did you notice how many new and recent things there are? And that doesn’t include all the thousands of little details we did to improve this baby.

And it’s completely furnished! And I don’t mean we left all of our crummy old stuff for you to throw away. I mean we bought new or used like-new to completely equip the trailer for the buyer! Bedding, towels, kitchen stuff; right down to the toilet paper. We want you to be able to camp your way home when you pick up your new trailer!

We’re in Boise, Idaho. We’re happy to give you any instruction you may need on how to operate your new Surfside, including how to hitch and tow. You could then visit our beautiful state with your new trailer! Make this your summer vacation! 

Please ask questions and we will answer as quickly as possible. If you want additional photos of something we missed, let us know. Zero feedback bidders need to contact us before bidding, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the bid. The vehicle title is free, clear, and in our names. As nice as this one is, it is still over 40 years old, so expect some normal wear and usage. If you would like to see pictures of any of our previous Toyota motorhome projects, just ask.

Please do not bid if you do not intend to buy!

This travel trailer is being sold as is, where is, with no warranty, expressed or implied.









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Is there a way I can contact

Is there a way I can contact you directly?  I live in Boise, and would like to make a direct offer.





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Contact thru Ebay

On Ebay you can click "ask seller a question" and make contact that way.

Susan Brungardt
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Your beautiful trailer

This is the trailer of my dreams . I am a single woman , retiring in October and planning on traveling the U.S . I grew up in Idaho and am now living in California . I am very interested in your trailer that you have so lovingly restored . I would like to make a cash offer . I have a dear friend in Boise that could make the connection  with you Please consider my sincere offer . I can be contacted at (contact info redacted - trailer sold)

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Contact Thru Ebay

Susan, the only way to contact this seller is direclty thru the Ebay listing. Click thru to the ebay listing and under "seller information," there is an "ask seller a question" button. 

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This is Our Surfside!

Thank you Admin for posting our Surfside Ebay auction on here! I came here on the recommendation of a friend to list our trailer, and lo and behold, it's already on here! So I have already been in contact with Jason (who came to tour the trailer the other night with his lovely wife and baby son!), and emailed with Sue, but if anyone else has questions, I'm here now. :-) 


Blue skies, Gail 

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Hi Gail

Your trailer is beautiful!  We have placed the courtesy link ad under your User Name now, so feel free to make any updates or changes....add contact info....anything you would like.  

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Sold! '75 Surfside

Our Surfside sold on Ebay tonight for $8500. Thanks for posting it here! Gail

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You're welcome.  Congrats on your sale!


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