EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 13ft Perris Pacer Customized Fiberglass Trailer - $5,500 - Boulder Creek, CA

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1975 13ft Perris Pacer Customized Fiberglass Trailer - $5,500 - Boulder Creek, CA

Unique 1975 Perris Pacer Camper & Mobile Art Pod

In 2012 I bought this Perris Pacer camper from my cousin in Arizona who had used to camp. I brought it to California and modified it into a multi-purpose mobile art unit. This “pod” is great for artistic projects. Perfect for BURNING MAN.
Or something very special for kids such as a playhouse.

Small jewel box theater for performance art
Dressing room
Human powered parade float
Intimate café
Hang out room
Tiny art gallery
Sleeping space
Movie theater (I made two snap on/off translucent screens for front and rear projections.)
Steam punk star gazing “time machine”
Kid’s playhouse
Poetry writing pod
And more…

Nice details: The beautiful, handmade, wooden top opens up to the sky. All cushions are newly reupholstered. The plexiglass table lights up and changes colors. The back wheel has a handmade crocheted cover. It’s professionally auto-painted with glittery royal blue paint. The curtains are custom made from wedding dress lace with sequins. The walls of the pod are covered in rusched velvety fabric. The electrical works great, as I had the lights fixed for towing.

Considerations: The door doesn’t close perfectly at the bottom. So, I added a latch at the bottom and an wooden pole to fix which works great. The paint job has a few nicks and scratches. We added some decals that read “Pollination Pod” on the exterior. You could keep as is or take off. There is some text on the inside door which could easily be painted over. I have never used the stove or the fridge, so don’t know if they work or not.