SOLD - 1974 Hunter Compact - $3500 - SOLD

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SOLD - 1974 Hunter Compact - $3500 - SOLD


1974 Hunter Compact II


Every time I take her out I get lots of comments/compliments because most people have never seen one. This model/brand is one of the lightest fiberglass campers out there. I have never weighed her, but it is very light (approx. 1,000lbs). The previous owner stated that he pulled it with a Toyota Corolla and I have pulled it with a 4 cylinder Jeep Renegade through the mountains of WV-no bog down or engine overheating issues. It has two spare tires/rims, 30 amp cord and adaptor (for connecting to extension cord), black water hose (new-not in box but I never used it), propane tank (although, I have never hooked it up or used the propane, water or toilet facilities because I typically used campground facilities and electricity). The electrical system has held up, I have run the air conditioner and a heater in it. I have not run the microwave, I would have removed it eventually. (For me a microwave is not a micro camper thing.) The sink drain (the connector to the plumbing) does need replaced (salt got in the drain and eroded it). I do not have the skills to replace the sink drain but an entire sink is approx. 50 dollars. (The brown "stuff" on the wall in the bathroom is old adhesive btw) The fiberglass is in good shape, no cracks or holes, however, it is in need of painting. Remember, this gal is 45 years old.

I love this camper but I moved and I do not have a proper place to store it anymore. 


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Virginia Beach, Virginia