SOLD - 1974 CareFREE 13 foot $3,000 Kelowna BC

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SOLD - 1974 CareFREE 13 foot $3,000 Kelowna BC


I hate that I am listing this for sale, but I have lost my parking/work spot and will no longer be able to progress this build. I have much more money into it than I am asking but I realize it will take some work for someone to get it going.

I purchased it about 6 months ago as a barn find. The fiberglass shells are very sought after as they can last a lifetime. I completely gutted the interior and have built a new bed/dining area which is carpeted with vinyl plank flooring on the walls.

The kitchen is simple. I have a single sink with a hand pump faucet that feeds from two portable tanks. the water drains directly outside or into another container (your choice) The other half of the counter top lifts up to reveal the camp cooler. The other side of the cabin has been semi finished in tongue and groove pine with the intention of building a single bed on that side.

The suspension is all new and cost me over $1,000. New 3,500lb axle, new rims and tires, new leaf springs and hangers (all welded on by a professional fabricator) Currently the axle is mounted under the leaf springs as I was planning on an off-road type approach. It can easily be lowered by swapping the axle underneath. It would lower the Trailer about 4".

The trailer was painted with a marine grade high gloss enamel paint within the past two months.

Here is a list of other updates:

-New glass for windows was cut where needed
-All windows were removed and re-sealed
- New window screens
-new plywood floor

Overall this has the potential for a great build. I have tackled the majority of the tough items. Just needs some interior touches, I have foam already purchased for the seating. I was planning on using LED rechargeable lighting and having a 12V battery to run a kettle etc.