EXPIRED LISTING - 1974 Boler Camper - $13200 - Vancouver, New Westminster, BC, Canada

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1974 Boler Camper - $13200 - Vancouver, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Looking to pass along my boler camper to its next loving home! It has been completely refinished from the ground up. New subfloor, flooring, axels, wheels, paint job - you name it. I am actually losing money on this sale because it cost me much more than I ever thought refinishing this! It has a high quality sink, reclaimed counter top (from an old new west bowling alley), extra long bed and lots of storage. 

I love her to death but Vancouver is a tough place when you don't have your own garage to store it in etc. and we have not been able to use her for all its worth. 

Lots more photos on @luna.5.star in instagram, or I can send you some privately if you need. Please email to talk more as I can explain everything I have done to it there.

I am pretty firm on price so please no low ball offers. Has tons of extras - solar panels, fridge, bedding, can come with all the plates and cutlery, new battery, led lights, (all new)... etc.

I had rented it out on Outdoorsy this summer for $90 a night so this is a pretty lucrative purchase for the right person that is looking to make some side money when they are not using it. If I was able to store it at my own place I would definitely keep doing what I have been doing. Considering that it is completely set up to just pass over and continue should you so choose. I have manuals on how to use it, solar showers, towels, and more. It is completely set up and ready to go. 

It also comes with extra spare flooring, and replacement window.