SOLD 1974 13' Boler Trailer - $7000 - Black Creek, BC, Canada

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SOLD 1974 13' Boler Trailer - $7000 - Black Creek, BC, Canada

Hello out there everyone!

I am putting honeydove the bolee up for adoption. I just spent the winter living in her and what a stormy winter it was!!
I am having a hard time doing this... but I no longer have the time to take care of honeydove. What I would love is someone who will truly enjoy this trailer and put many miles of adventure on her. I bought it from my landlord and good friend in Victoria 2 years ago and before that he bought it off the original owner!! It's a 1974!!
I added a lot of my own personality to the interior, which can be taken away if you please. I think it would be much better that way as you can make it your own. 
It's in great shape. The beauty of these trailers is they are a Fiberglass shell so they can last forever. The base of the trailer is what you want to look out for and the axel. Other then some surface rust which can be painted over, this baby is mint! 
I look forward to meeting the next owner