SOLD 1973 Trillium 13' Trailer

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SOLD 1973 Trillium 13' Trailer

SOLD 1973 Trillium 1300
View in greater Edmonton, Ab area

Fits 2 adults, 2 children comfortably (table coverts to a double bed and the couch to single bunks) maybe a small dog under a table
Towed it with an Rav4 and Sienna minivan easily as its only about 900lbs.
Upgraded 2-way Fridge (propane and plug) 2 burner Stove
Sink connected to small water tank and pump. Also hooks to city water with separate tap and grey water hose.
Propane tank included
PortaPotty for late night pee emergencies
2 interior lights that work off battery and 2 portable led lights. plug that works off power plug in.
Brand new foam cushions and covers and curtains and flooring
Has a single bike rack on back.
Has rock chip guard on the lower front.
Has an exterior table that clips to the outside of the trailer.

No AC but a vent on the ceiling and all windows open
No screen door
No inverter or battery currently
No awning, but we have hooks added to the top of the trailer that we clipped a tarp to.
No furnace but the stove warms it up in seconds




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Edmonton, AB, Canada