SOLD - 1973 13' Tote 'N Tarry Project Trailer - $2650 - Poulsbo, WA

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SOLD - 1973 13' Tote 'N Tarry Project Trailer - $2650 - Poulsbo, WA

Partially refurbished fiberglass egg trailer. A lot of work has been done, the gritty fundamentals. The trailer structure is firm and the frame has been coated with specialty undercoat paint, as has the tongue which has been sandblasted. Fiberglass egg trailers retain their value as a sought-after lightweight trailer. Even vintage fiberglass trailers are esteemed because they have no wood in their structure to rot, so they last for half a century and then some with proper care. The contiguous fiberglass shell is like a boat hull and will not leak. They're popularly used as arts and crafts vendor trailers since they can be towed behind regular cars. They are also highly rent-able and there is a market for this too, averaging about $95/day.

Tote 'N Tarry is a very rare fiberglass trailer like a Boler or Casita or Burro or Bigfoot or Trillium. The primary and superior difference from other brands is that it has a double fiberglass hull, lending strength, space for wiring and insulation. Other brands are single hull or have rat fur lining.
1. The floor linoleum was scraped up (hard work) and the floor is clean for new material. This was left open since different people might have different preferences. You could do red and black squares, wood laminate, peel and stick wood look vinyl, carpet, etc very easily.
2. The exterior hull was insulated between layers with foam insulation.
3. Exterior sanded and marine paint primer coat applied. The sanding marks are obviously from sanding fiberglass updates. These are easily painted over with marine paint which comes in any color.
4. New supports were welded on to stabilize when parked (otherwise these trailers can get tippy).
5. Custom back carriage crate welded on installed for transportation storage of bulky items.
6. New wiring run between double hulls which goes from the brand new 120V/12V panel with 30A and 15A outlets, inverter, LED lights both inside and outside. Also a new custom switch panel was made which controls the lights and fan and fridge powers.
7. New hardware (hinges, latch) on door. These are special-order hardware pieces. The old ones had crusted over with oxidative dust.
8. The old cracked plexiglass windows removed and new crank RV windows installed with custom fiberglass framing. This allows total cross ventilation, and this feature is not found in any other egg trailer. The plexiglass windows on egg trailers are a bear to replace since they're curved, they do not open, and they are susceptible to scratching and cracking, whereas RV windows are stronger and easily replaced if need be.
9. New ceiling fan. Along with cross-ventilation this keeps air fresh in a small space.
10. New custom counter top made from oak, routered, sanded, stained, varnished.
11. New sink and faucet.
12. Brand new water tank and pump and water lines.
13. New 120V/12V circuit panel installed.
14. New USB charger installed. New 12V to 110 inverter installed.
15. New LED lights.
16. New propane tank with new lines.
17. Trailer hitch sand blasted and primed. Custom propane tank holder welded on.
18. New trailer wiring and trailer lights.
19. New marine deep cycle battery.
20. New exterior 120V outdoor outlet.
21. New custom oak cabinet doors, sanded, stained, finished and installed with hidden European hinges.
22. New interior outlets.
23. New banquette table and new stanchion in a dinette arrangement.
24. New propane gas lines.
25. New propane stove.
26. Undercarriage coated with rust-proof paint.
27. The curtain fabric with little vintage trailers on it is new too. These can be replaced if desired.
28. We started to install a night-pee toilet, just needs ABS as holding.

Only weighs 850 lb can be towed by any small SUV or most cars.
By bidding you realize that this project trailer still needs work to complete. We spent over a year working on this and now we just don't have time to complete the last legs, which are mostly check-over, recharge, hookup and cosmetic! It's been sitting while we've been busy. This project trailer needs a TLC owner. It will need at least electrical recharged/checked, retesting of interior wiring, recharging of the battery, hooking up 2 gas lines and 1 water line to tank/pump, new floor vinyl, new upholstery, the door hinges need to be reinforced and re tightened (gravity), the 12V fridge is old and rattles (can be fixed or replaced), the microwave is not included, the canopy is included but I've never opened it, the exterior lighting needs rechecking but it is tow able with street-legal lights, the tires are fine but old and new ones will be needed soon (easy to do just take to tire store they'll replace). This trailer also has the vintage baby moon hubcaps As is.
Clean title. New low price is firm. Thanks for looking. Accept cash for title.