SOLD - 1972 Updated 13' Boler Camper - $9075 - Los Angeles, CA

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SOLD - 1972 Updated 13' Boler Camper - $9075 - Los Angeles, CA

I have a 1972 13' boler for sale. We bought it in April 2018 from a nice couple who had just bought it from a senior man in Washington State. They moderately flipped it: put in new "wood" vinyl floors, painted it a very cute red and white on the outside, added air conditioning and a new fridge. They had also repainted the inside white. Since then, we've upholstered the cushions in Crypton "salt" and they look lovely! We had big dreams of updating it even more but we just haven't had the time or the skillset, frankly.

I've bought some 12v lights, and some tile for it.

I'd love to get what I paid for it plus the other things I've bought: some nice hardware, 12v lights and tile which we intended to install as a backsplash, and the cushions... I just want it to go to a good home. She's really cute and mostly ready to go. It's been sitting in the sun for a year so there is a new crack in the fiberglass under the front window but from everything I've read, that's a simple enough fix for people with more know-how than us. We live in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. You'll have to pick it up. The trailer has not been registered to any owner in CA. We have the papers from the original Washington State owner so you'll have to do that after purchase.

There's an original sink and stove, new fridge, new ac, no toilet, no shower, there is a spare tire.

Pick up only!