SOLD - 1972 Trillium Travel Trailer - $5500 - Tsawassen, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 1972 Trillium Travel Trailer - $5500 - Tsawassen, BC, Canada

I have done a full strip, reinforce and aerospace grade paint 3 years ago. The gang at Fraser Fiberglass (they work and repair boats) spent 4 weeks stripping and covering all the holes and body panels so that the body is better than new. Total spent was $3900. Color is in the pics. Matte on the top, gloss on the rest. Undercarriage however was not painted. All vents, openings were epoxied and sealed. Belly band removed and reinforced with epoxy. New KASON door hinges were replaced with brand new ones. The paint job and fibreglass work is the highlight of this trailer. The next person can wire, add whatever accessories, customize the exterior and interior however they like. This would generally be the most labour intensive or expensive restoration step of these fibreglass Boler/Trillium trailers. I have done the first half of your rabbit hole. You just have to love this color. I have not scene one painted in this color in pictures or in person. NEW WHEELS AND RIMS in 2017 purchased from Kal Tire. We have put about 1,200 km’s on these new tires. We have used this trailer twice this year at Cultus and the Okanagan and have ONE LAST TRIP this coming week at MANNING PARK to enjoy it one last time.

NEW FOAM for big bed and small bed 2017. 5 inch high density foam (big bed has covering) all new. Comfy .. super comfy.

I will include the following EXTRA PARTS that i have not installed:
* Newly Fabricated Rock Guard Cover for the front windows with mounting rivets, gas shocks and assembly parts.
* Trillium Logo’d Mud flaps
* New Rain deflector for above the door
* Battery Box & Charged Marine Battery


Very little work was done in the interior as we were satisfied with using it as is for MANY trips. It was a comfy “hard waterproof tent” on wheel for us.

* I have mounted very temporary turn lights and signals using the existing wiring. You would need to eventually rewire the entire unit. It is in a makeshift state right now but works and you can take this camping RIGHT AWAY. In a way, this is a great opportunity to choose your own LED lights or whatever you want to setup.
* Stove/water system is not setup. No tanks. TONS OF STORAGE. Stove is still in place and sink as well with NO CONNECTIONS. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with the trailer and never got around to deciding is I wanted to keep the setup or not.
* One interior door is broken. I have the panel and some parts. Likely if you are restoring or customizing you will take all the doors off and put whatever interior you want to.
* The ensolite insulation is generally in good shape except a few places where the trim is falling off. Google/Youtube on repairing/restoring this.
* Bunk above the smaller bed was custom built by last owner. It works fine but my plan was to tear it out and put a true second sleeping bunk. THIS SLEEPS 3 PEOPLE right now. The bunk above is used for very handy storage of bags, sleeping bags and your packs.
* FULL SIZE BED was setup permanently. I do not have the hardware to setup back as dining table. Likely you can rebuild the system, build your own or keep it as a permanent bed. Most families and couple keep the bed setup as a bed.
* NO VENT OR FAN. As I mentioned, I sealed all the holes and the vent hole so that I may mount an AC unit or Fantastic fan. We have had no problems cracking windows open in 20-33 degree heat. Over 35.. it probably gets uncomfortable.
* No heat. Some wiring exist as a breaker still reside in the large door. I have not prepared any 120V power. No power inverter/converter exists. BATTERY and wiring for a 12V SOCKET DOES! I plugged in a portable domestic fridge or fan at times.
* NO FRIDGE OR COOLER. I have replaced the useless “ice box” with an IKEA Cabinet that holds our cutlery and board games. It is handy space.
* Hitch emergency brake cable need to be replaced. Likely a 5 mins trip to Princess Auto or Canadian Tire.
* Couple of small cracks in windows from the years. I believe I have one extra glass panel to supply. I replaced a couple when I first got it. Glass panels are $10 each and can be replaced yourself. I have extra seals for the windows too!
* This trailer has the sagging door where the door does not align with the body. Very common amongst all bowlers and trillium.

Come take a look in person if this suits you. I am available most early morning 9AM-11AM.