**SOLD** 1972 Boler American (#3030) 13' Travel Trailer/Camper - $6500 - MN

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**SOLD** 1972 Boler American (#3030) 13' Travel Trailer/Camper - $6500 - MN

**SOLD** - 1972 Boler 13' Travel Trailer/RV Egg Camper


1972 Boler "American" - Serial # 3030. These "American" models were only made as a 1972 model, for around 6 months here in the States. Rare, Hard to Find.

We want to be as upfront and honest with description as possible, so review all photos carefully, please read Entire Description, and please ask for photos/videos of anything specific! This an "all original" 50 year old camper, and will show wear/age of that usage. Camper is very solid however, and ready for updating.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION- One owner since new. Sleeps 4 (Front Couch can be converted to Bunks). The family used it until the kids moved out in the late 90's I believe, and has pretty much only been used during Deer Hunting season since. Has not been licensed since 2007. Unmolested, all original older Boler. Has the original fabric and carpets. Basically just how it came from the Boler Factory. Includes the original Paperwork and Manuals. Floors and Frame are Solid, and roof has no history of leaks. Fiberglass is in good shape for the year, with one 2-3" crack near the left side rear that was repaired. We recently towed it around 300 miles home and it towed great.
Things we did- serviced the bearings, got the taillights working with new bulbs, replaced some rivets/added caps, added the newer style Scamp door seal, caulked everything including the belly seam, and gave it a seal/wax. Basically just made sure it was weatherproofed and road worthy. Did not do much beyond that. It's still in need of a good cleaning/detailing, and obviously updating. But a Good Solid Camper to start with, and one weekend of elbow grease would get this thing camp ready and a couple weekends to turn into anything you want (though we actually did camp in it a few weeks ago, just tossed some blankets over the old cushions and it was fine). Hope someone has a good home for this one. Hey, keep reading, more to learn......

INTERIOR- It's a 50 year old camper, so obviously shows some age and wear & tear. Still has the original fabrics and carpet, both in need of replacing. It was also used as hunters shack for one weekend out of the year, and likely rarely cleaned, so you get the idea. Everything looks original except the table top and curtains. Both look like they were changed at some point, looking at the curtains, probably in the 70's. Everything looks intact, it is missing one turn dial lever on the door window. The camper is prepped for an indoor water tank, but there is not one installed. The cushion fabrics are original, but definitely showing age, and a few are just hanging on by a thread. Carpet is in good shape, just old. The furnace was last used a couple of years ago I was told. The fridge and stove have not been used since the early 2000's, fridge does seem clean inside and both worked the last time used. Sure both will need a going through however. The interior lining (elephant skin) seems to be in good shape, just needs a cleaning. The interior Fiberglass and Wood Cabinet doors are all here, but show normal use/age. Most of the cabinet latches need replacing/sticking. The windows are all in good shape, with no cracks or damage. Screens are all here and in good shape. I went through every window seal, and they all seem intact and in decent shape. I did not go through the wiring, but one interior light did turn on when it was connected to the tow vehicle, so likely some bulbs, etc. will need replacing. The front couch is prepped for putting into a Bunk (camper sleeps 4), but no bunk poles included ($14 from Scamp). Overall, Interior shows some age, and just needs some cleaning up and updating. Please review photos, you get the idea.

EXTERIOR-Fiberglass is in good shape for the year, still holds  a shine. Shell has one spot of damage, a 3" fiberglass crack just ahead of the rear left tailight (Im guessing something bumped it). I cut up 2 small pieces of RV Bond tape and covered/sealed it up (you can see in the photos). Did it on both sides so it matched. Would be an easy repair or just keep it how it is. We did just re-seal the belly seam, replaced a few rivets and added rivet caps as one extra layer of weatherproofing, also added the updated "Scamp" Door Seal installed. The door is ready for new ball/compression springs on the hinges, starting to sag just a bit and is very common. Expect to replace those every 5-8 years or so. Scamp came out with this newer style rubber door seal and works much better than the foam seal they had used. Seals great, just takes a little more effort to get it closed, and after another season or two it will be fine. Rather have it tight in my opinion. I gave the Axle and Frame a good look over and both appear to be in good shape. It towed just fine at 70 miles an hour (I try to never go past 60-65, but my lead foot got me). I did repack the bearings. Tires have plenty of tread, and have not had to add air, not sure of tire age. Spare also appears to be in great shape. I also have a 4th (Spare) 4-lug rim and tire that I will include. All three original chrome half moon covers are intact. I did need to add bulbs to the taillights and are now working, I did not mess with the side marker lights. Likely need bulbs and two need new lenses. The taillight /assembly seals are also starting to age, but I did reseal/caulk them as a precaution. Camper does have the dual tank kit installed, and also includes the removable front window shield (removed for many of the photos). Overall, exterior shell is in good shape for a camper of this vintage, just has that one minor spot mentioned above. Still looks presentable, and cleans up well.

Ask For More Photos & Videos!

Wrap Up- Great, solid unmolested older Boler. Ready for someone to make it their own. Has solid floors. It's a solid base to start with and one of those campers you mostly just need to do the pretty stuff. Will include some Spare Rivets, Parts, and Caps.



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Ottertail, Minnesota