SOLD - 1972 10' Trail Mite fiberglass camper - $4500 - Wheat Ridge, CO

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SOLD - 1972 10' Trail Mite fiberglass camper - $4500 - Wheat Ridge, CO

Meet "Matilda," a 1972 fiberglass Trail Mite. She is very similar to the Scamp, Boler, Casita and other fiberglass egg trailers of the time. 
She's 10-feet long and 6.5 feet wide with a combo double bed/dining area, bench seat that converts to two bunk beds, lots of storage (including under all seats), two-burner propane stove in great condition, sink with removable 7-gallon freshwater tank, electric refrigerator and a solar panel to recharge the battery. She does not have any bathroom facilities.

Overall, Matilda is in good shape. She's also a great platform for someone wanting to do a restoration, and is small enough to be used as a backyard guest house or office.

THE GOOD: The water system was new in 2015, the "bamboo" laminate floor replaced in 2015, the rear red lights are LEDs (2015); the solar panel works well for keeping the lights on at night; the outlet is a modern GFCI (does not currently run off solar/battery, but that can be converted), windows open and screens are good.

The cushion covers are in good shape and the cushions are still supportive; a spare tire is included and mounts out of the way on the rear bumper; she is so lightweight that towing is incredibly easy and the dual front/rear windows means you don't lose any visibility out the back; she is ridiculously adorable. Also, she has a "batwing" awning attached above the door. Batwings are known for being extra-stable in windy conditions.

THE NOT-AS- GOOD: Matilda is over 40 years old, so she's not perfect. The main door and cabinet doors are all a bit crooked; there are some minor exterior cracks in the fiberglass (but they do not go all the way through); she is not insulated; the closet isn't fully attached (some rivets vibrated out over time) but it stays put and is fully usable; and her sleeping area is a bit tight. Could use some new tires. Recommend having the chassis inspected before taking camping. It was fine on our last trip but that was over a year ago.

Your car needs a 2-inch ball for the hitch and a four-prong (old-school) plug for the lights. Towing weight is about 1000 pounds, give or take.