SOLD - 1971 13' Trail Mite Fiberglass Trailer - $3500 - Northern WY

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SOLD - 1971 13' Trail Mite Fiberglass Trailer - $3500 - Northern WY

Price reduced

These campers are extremely collectable. Sought after because they can be pulled by any four wheel vehicle as it weighs right under one thousand pounds unloaded, and they are nearly weather proof and classic retro fiberglass shape of a bubble is relatively easy to repair. I have been working on this camper for close to a year, and I am at the point of completion to the level I want to take it. I am selling now; allowing a new owner to customize it to their taste. 

I have replaced the windows, repaired all sun damage, tuned axle to like new, added larger refrigerator to a propane-110ac refrigerator. and rebuilt the 2 burner stove into a mahogany box frame to like new condition, new propane lines, cabinets redone. All fiberglass interior benches and the cabinets were reworked as needed and painted throughout. The exterior is now a primer satin finish earth tone except where I will be adding exterior lights and touch ups, The exterior skin can be worked futher with more sanding for those seeking a flawless finish.

These campers are retro history of camping at its finest, and complete with near cult followings and gatherings. 
I will still be working on this camper until I sell, and the price will vary slightly if I keep running to the hardware store. 

I have new exterior lights yet to mount, and I am finishing up on the interior details and painting. I will post interior and more exterior pictures very soon if I haven't sold it yet. The white spots in these pictures are places that I am sanding out irregularities. 

The frame is solid and primed. The bearing are newly repacked with grease. The floor is extremely solid. I added an original 1950 ceiling vent that looks great...complete aluminum...not plastic to face another half century in the sun.

I recieved this camper two years ago as payment for work clearing a property. I have no paperwork on this trailer, but I will write out a bill of sale, and its history. There is no water damage, or cracks anywhere. Camper can be set on any small registered trailer, or pulled to your location on temp plates.

I am posting this now to get a feel of interest, and hopefully find it a new home soon. I have seen these campers start at 10,000$. This is a classic and then some. This exact shape I have not seen on any other 1970's model. Very cool and uniquely handsome. I am amazed how many hour/days/months I have spent on this project. It has been very rewarding.

Summer heat has slowed me down, but I will have more interior pics up a.s.a.p. Too hot to paint.....or anything else, sthough I am just finishing up priming. Thanks for your patience. This is a standard layout of every 13' Scamp; closet to the left of the door, couch to the right, sink and frig straight in, and center table and duel benches to the far left. Scamp designed these campers in 1968. Although the name varies, they are all related directly to Scamp in these first years.