SOLD - 13ft 1983 Burro

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SOLD - 13ft 1983 Burro

We have decided to sell our 1983 burro.  We have owned it for 14 years.   We have done quite a bit of work to it through the years.

Off frame floor replacement done with marine grade plywood.  Refiberglassed floor to body and covered with epoxy     

Painted the frame while we had it off and had a welder make a support under the door area with angle iron.

Water tank was removed.

No inverter.  Direct wire (110) to a GFI outlet.  above sink light/plug

Three 12 volt led interior lights and exterior door light.

New wheels, tires and spare

All windows have been removed and resealed with butyl tape.

Ice box.  No furnace.

Custom made mattress made by local mattress manufacturer

New cushion for front couch. Also made by the local mattress manufacturer.

bag awning

Non smokers / no pets.

we store the burro indoors at the local fair grounds for the winter.  It was taken out of storage for the summer.   

Located in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Escanaba, MI.

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