SOLD - 13' Compact Jr. Trailer - $7,000 - Napa County, CA

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SOLD - 13' Compact Jr. Trailer - $7,000 - Napa County, CA

Compact JR travel trailer. Total renovation. Two burner propane stove with integrated sink. All new steel undercarriage with electric brakes. Ready to go. Custom interior. New tires. Portapottie. 13’ long with tongue removed. 16.5’ long with tongue installed. Easy on easy off tongue. Pressure water. Custom box on front. 7’tall with top down. 6’ wide. 6’3” headroom with top up. Will hold 2 batteries. Stereo. I use an air mattress or air bed to sleep on. Two table posts for different heights. Level jacks on all four corners. These were built in the early seventies. Originally weighed 900lbs. I’m sure this one weighs more because of the box and the new steel undercarriage but still light It tows great and is very comfortable. This is a SWEETIE!!! It’s in Napa.