SOLD - 13' Boler camper - $6000 - Sunshine Coast / Powell River, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 13' Boler camper - $6000 - Sunshine Coast / Powell River, BC, Canada

Boler camper. Nice interesting paint, frame has no cracks, windows good and clear. The interior is just basic plywood and is out to be painted a greyish blue and then reassembled. The bed is al little bigger than the stock for a bit bigger people, the front has a bed / seat for a kid of nap and some storage, basic kitchen with laminate counter top. The stove and fridge is missing but they are to old to use anyways so a colmon cook stove and cooler works. It will be available for purchase as soon as the interior is finished the paint job and put back in. It could use some finishing and a few hundred bucks for some curtains and a better foamy for the be for instance, a bit of work here and there , that is why it's priced accordingly at $6000 firm please, sorry we won't go down, they are easily in the $8500 range after a bit of work done for it so it doesn't make sense for us to go down in price. We are going on vacation for a week and then i have a couple of days to put it back together and can snap a picture of the inside when back. It's pretty much like the original but out of plywood. will be nice colour and the counter is more modern than a vintage unit. It has also a newer thing with the jack on front and wheel and lights. I am putting it up early as some people might want to make plans ahead to come see it and i need to get the money from this for my boat project asap ! thanks everyone and happy boler hunting !