Egg Parade - 1981 13 Scamp Restoration

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Egg Parade - 1981 13 Scamp Restoration

Here's our 13 Scamp

Purchased our 1981 Scamp 13 in Phoenix in February 2007.  The bones were good since it had always been in Arizona, but it needed a complete gut and rebuild.

This is the original video of our restoration:  1981 Scamp 13 Restoration

Of course, we have done tons of mods and additions since the original restoration and I'll update some of the additional items below.

  • A/C Replacement


  • Shademaker Supreme 8' Bag Awning


I'll add pictures to these and more in the days ahead.

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Closet and Microwave
  • Bulldog Coupler
  • New Axel, Rims and Tires
  • Briefcase Solar Panel
  • Belly Band removal, repair, and polish
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nice trailer!!!

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